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In addition to Image Branding & Styling, Kimberly & her husband Kenneth further pursued their passion for fashion & launched Heaven For The K. Small Collection, an exclusive all white clothing line in 2015. With this line, their main focus is to dispel the myth of not wearing white after Labor Day. After
doing much research, Kimberly came into the knowledge that this rule was made only to publicly
discriminate against a certain socio-economic class of people; hence Kenneth & Kimberly hosted their
inaugural Uninterrupted White Fashion Soiree on September 26, 2015 (well after Labor Day). The all
white collection consists of quality, season appropriate fabrics and textiles coupled with timeless yet
diverse designs. These designs are exclusive, and well sought after. Clients also have the ability to
request a variety of colors and textures which fall under their custom signature line The K. Small
Collection. Contact us today to get started on your custom wears from our signature line.

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